Enginuity Ironbridge Gorge Museum


About Enginuity

As part of the Ironbridge Gorge Museums, Enginuity offers visitors a captivating journey through the marvels of science, technology, and engineering. From the moment you step into Enginuity, you are greeted by a dynamic and interactive learning environment. The museum is designed to engage visitors of all ages, making it an ideal destination for families, students, and curious minds alike. Enginuity seamlessly blends education with entertainment, allowing visitors to explore scientific principles through immersive exhibits and hands-on activities.

Enginuity’s exhibits cover a wide range of scientific and engineering disciplines. Visitors can experiment with pulleys, levers, and gears, understanding the fundamental principles that underpin machinery. The museum’s interactive displays encourage active participation, fostering a deeper understanding of how innovations in technology have shaped our world.

For those with a passion for creating, Enginuity features a Design and Build Zone where visitors can unleash their creativity. From constructing bridges to experimenting with robotics, this zone provides a space for hands-on exploration and experimentation, inspiring the next generation of engineers and inventors.

A visit to Enginuity Museum is not just a stroll through exhibits but a journey into the heart of human ingenuity. The hands-on experiences, interactive displays, and commitment to education make it a must-visit destination for anyone fascinated by the wonders of science and technology. Enginuity is a living testament to the spirit of innovation that continues to shape our world, making it a dynamic and inspiring destination for curious minds of all ages.

What Coalport Station Thinks

Here at Coalport Station Holidays we love Enginuity and would recommend it to all of our guests, particularly those who are coming with a family. The hands-on museum is perfect for kids as well as the rest of the family and is a place you will never forget. Enginuity is a great mix of learning and being able to experience the history of the Ironbridge Gorge area while being in an interactive environment. Both the regular features and the one off exhibits are a great way to learn about the area and the rich history that surrounds us. 

Details About Enginuity

Website: https://www.ironbridge.org.uk/visit/enginuity/

Phone: 01952 433424

Visiting Time: We recommend at least 2 hours

Distance From Coalport Station: 3.6 Miles

Price: Adults £11.50, Child £7.00

Opening Times: Monday – Sunday 10am – 5pm during the summer months, Wednesday – Sunday 10am – 5pm during the winter months

Dog Friendly: Guide dogs only

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