Coalport China Museum

Coalport China Museum

About Coalport China Museum

The Coalport China Museum is a hidden gem that invites visitors to embark on a captivating journey through time, exploring the intricate craftsmanship and timeless elegance that define Coalport china. Established in 1796, the Coalport China Museum holds the distinction of being one of the oldest porcelain factories in the United Kingdom. Originally founded by John Rose, the factory quickly gained acclaim for producing exquisite handcrafted china, earning the patronage of royalty and elite clientele.

As you step through the doors of the museum, you are greeted by a stunning collection of Coalport china that spans centuries. The exhibits showcase the evolution of design and technique, from the delicate floral patterns of the Regency era to the bold and innovative styles of the Victorian period. One highlight of the museum is the iconic Willow Pattern, a classic design that has graced Coalport pieces for generations. Visitors can marvel at the intricate storytelling woven into the delicate blue and white motifs, transporting them to a bygone era.

Delve into the fascinating world of porcelain production as the museum provides insight into the intricate craftsmanship involved in creating Coalport china. From the moulding of raw materials to the delicate hand-painting of each piece, visitors gain a newfound appreciation for the skill and dedication required to produce these works of art. For those seeking a more hands-on experience, the Coalport China Museum offers interactive workshops where visitors can try their hand at decorating their own china pieces. Under the guidance of skilled artisans, participants can unleash their creativity and create personalised keepsakes to cherish.

Beyond the captivating displays within the museum, visitors can explore the enchanting Secret Garden. This tranquil oasis, surrounded by the stunning landscapes of the Ironbridge Gorge, provides a perfect setting for reflection and appreciation of the beauty that inspired Coalport’s artisans. A visit to the Coalport China Museum is a journey through local history, a celebration of timeless elegance, and an appreciation of the artistry that has defined generations.

What Coalport Station Thinks

We always tell our guests who are staying with us to try and visit the Coalport China Museum, particularly as it is just up the road from us. It is just fascinating to see how much our local history is linked to the production of these China pieces and the array of pieces on display is breathtaking. If this is right up your street we would definitely recommend checking to see if they have any workshops running while you’re staying as these are fantastic and so much fun.

Details About Coalport China Museum


Phone: 01952 580650

Visiting Time: We recommend at least 1 hour

Distance From Coalport Station: 0.7 Miles

Price: Adults £11.50, Child £7.00 (prices correct at time of blog post publishing)

Opening Times: Monday – Sunday 10am – 5pm during the summer months, closed Mondays & Tuesdays during the winter

Dog Friendly: Guide dogs only

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