The Ironbridge Fish & Chip Shop

Ironbridge Fish & Chips

About The Ironbridge Fish & Chip Shop

Located in the heart of the historic town of Ironbridge, Ironbridge Fish and Chips is a popular eatery that has become a local favourite for those craving a hearty serving of classic comfort food. With a no-nonsense approach to its menu and a commitment to delivering traditional fish and chips, this establishment has earned its place as a go-to spot for residents and visitors alike.

The menu at Ironbridge Fish and Chips is simple and straightforward, offering a selection of traditional British fish and chips. Customers can choose from options like cod or haddock, both served with a golden-brown, crispy batter. The accompanying chips are cut thick and fried to perfection, providing the familiar taste and texture that patrons expect from this classic dish. The menu reflects a focus on delivering quality comfort food without unnecessary embellishments.

Known for its generous portions, Ironbridge Fish and Chips ensures that customers get value for their money. The serving sizes are ample, making it a suitable choice for those looking to satisfy a hearty appetite. The pricing is reasonable, aligning with the eatery’s commitment to providing a budget-friendly option for a satisfying meal. Ironbridge Fish and Chips maintains a casual and unpretentious atmosphere. The interior is designed for efficiency, with a counter for ordering and a simple seating area for those who prefer to dine in.

Ironbridge Fish and Chips stands as a factual representation of a classic British eatery, offering a menu centred on traditional fish and chips. With its commitment to delivering satisfying portions at reasonable prices, this local spot has earned its place as a reliable choice for those seeking comfort food in the historic town of Ironbridge. If you’re in the mood for a no-fuss, classic meal, Ironbridge Fish and Chips is a place where you can enjoy the timeless appeal of this beloved dish.

What Coalport Station Thinks

A lot of our guests staying at Coalport Station pay a visit to Ironbridge Fish and Chips and are never disappointed. The shop is located right next to The Ironbridge itself and there is a patio area out the back which offers a quiet and perfect view in the summer months or you can choose to sit on one of the benches down by the river. Fish and chips are a British tradition that are eaten on most holidays and we hope you get a chance to try the Ironbridge Fish and Chips for yourself.

Details About The Ironbridge Fish & Chip Shop


Phone: 01952 432222

Cuisine: Fish & Chips

Distance From Coalport Station: 2.3 Miles

Price: Meals from £4.50

Opening Times: 11.45am – 9pm 7 Days a week

Dog Friendly: Guide Dogs only

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