Guest Book

Here are a selection of comments from our many satisfied customers:


"Thank you for having us, it was a great stay. There are lots of things to see and do. There is good use of space. We loved the path outside! ‘I always wanted to sleep in a train’, quoted D. The nature around here is beautiful. Steven and Lisa gave us all warm welcomes which we have enjoyed. Overall our stay has been fun and enjoyable. Thank you."

The W Family, Sheffield/Newcastle.

"Thank you once again for a lovely holiday - it is honestly one of the best places all of us have ever stayed in. Thank you for making our stay relaxing, enjoyable and above all, memorable! We have all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves: looking at the birds on the feeder (yes, they must be a bit heavier now – some can hardly take off due to all the food!) and also strolling through your beautiful woodland."

F Family, London.

"Brilliant venue for a family party. Made a 70 year old feel like a 20 year old. Good memories of trainspotting times."

M and Family, Atherstone.

"A little part of heaven right here on earth!! A most enchanting place, thoroughly delightful in every way. Much more than our expectations. E thought his surprise was awesome. He says he’ll miss the bath and the dog! We will be back soon!"
"This place is to die for, love E."

G and B Family.

"A holiday full of delightful surprises – from the comforts of our carriage to Shropshire’s greenery, architecture and fascinating walks. We will return."

S and P Families, Plumstead.

"’A chugging good holiday’ – my husband’s remarks on his 60th birthday present. Well recommended”."

Mr. and Mrs. T, Norfolk.

"So much to see and do there’s never enough time. Our comfortable sleeper train transported us to our dreams each night always arriving on time at the station in the morning."

M Family and R Family, Maidstone.

"I well remember this coach when she was running on the Paddington to Oxford Services in the ‘70s. She is somewhat more luxurious now. A job well done and a most relaxing holiday!"

B/W- Sutherland, the Scottish Highlands.

"Everything you need to know is written on the windows. ‘First class and no smoking!"

L Family, Stourbridge.

"Our week was a wedding present from my boss; impossible to have a better present. Lovely place to stay, never felt so relaxed. Have been on the Orient Express and this beats that hands down! Thank you."

Mr. and Mrs. B, Suffolk.

"A unique place to stay and a lovely setting. Had a relaxing time – with a safe area for children to play. Superb location for all local attractions. I'll miss our daily visit from Fern!!"

D Family, Kent.

"Our second visit – this time a special holiday treat for Mum and Dad’s Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Brought back memories as they lived in railway carriages for first home when they got married. Lovely setting and area to explore. Thank you Steve and Lisa and Fern!"

B/A Family, Upper Basildon, Berks.

"Always wanted to go on Orient Express, but sure it couldn’t be better than this! Fabulous welcome from Lisa and Steve and Fern. The area is stunning and can’t believe how much of it we’ve seen. Do not want to go – will be back."

P Family, New Forest.

"Perfect peace and oasis of peace. Perfect place for letting off steam to get you back on the right track."

Girls’ Weekend.

"First class. Thank you for making a special birthday and silver wedding celebration weekend so memorable for a sixsome who have been enjoying unique weekends away for 13 years – this has been one of the best. All lovely – especially all the goodies – certainly 1st class."

Group of friends, Solihull.

"A lovely peaceful winter wonderland break. Our family have loved sleeping on a train and we have not been cold once considering the weather! With thanks and we will be back”"

H Family, Oxfordshire.

"A wonderful place to stay. Relaxed atmosphere with great surroundings. Everyone has made us feel so welcome. The carriages are beautiful and well designed. Thank you for a wonderful honeymoon. We will be back."

Mr. and Mrs. D, Oxfordshire.

"Well what can we say, J(2½ ) was in his element. A and C have arrived!!! Fern became a firm friend – all was great. Hope we come again and wish we had your back garden!!!"

G Family, Bolton.

"“Everything was perfect. We even created more atmosphere by having vintage steam train sounds on our iPod!! Thank you Steve and Lisa”."

W Family, Lancashire.

"From the moment we arrived everything was fantastic: the carriage, the people, the towns, the history and the pubs. Cheers!"

Mr P. and Party of Brisbane, Australia/Nantwich, Cheshire.

"Friendly greeting from “Fat Controller” made kids feel welcome and excited. Children can play outside easily. Enough to do even with rainy weather. Liked park/woodland walk. Parents/grandparents can relax knowing kids are okay."

P family, London.

"Excellent concept in splendid surroundings, trains were always on time Stationmaster could not be more helpful, looking forward to our return journey!"

L and Party, Crewkerne.

"A lovely warm welcome to a family unique location. We kept it a secret from the children (who are train mad) and they nearly exploded when we arrived!!"

H Family, Welshpool.

"Just like an Orient Express without the noise. Had a fantastic break!"


"So much to see and do there’s never enough time. Our comfortable sleeper train transported us to our dreams each night always arriving on time at the station in the morning."

Smiths, Hampshire.

"One of T’s first jobs on British Rail was designing parts of the Royal Train. This coach is actually better!"

Mr. and Mrs. G, Derbyshire.

"From the moment we arrived everything was fantastic: the carriage, the people, the towns, the history and the pubs. Cheers!"

"Thanks for a lovely stay, you made us feel very welcome – especially our 3 noisy boys! I’m sure they will always remember exploring the lovely paths. J (4) said ‘I really hope I’m not dreaming because I want to be doing this in real life!"

B and Party, Canterbury.

"Would you recommend us to others?"– "No. It might be booked up and we wouldn’t be able to come back. "

M and Party, (feedback form).

"A peaceful oasis in a busy world, a unique experience. "

Mr. and Mrs. S, Lancashire.

"We loved the adventure of staying in a railway carriage. Everything met and surpassed expectations."

Mr. G and Party ,Nailsea.

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